Richfield Mail Carrier with Chronic Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Neck Pain Finds Significant Relief from Got Your Back’s Minneapolis Chiropractor

This Richfield mail carrier started experiencing low back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain after starting a walking route approximately a year ago. Prior to this he had been driving for the Post Office for 13 years. After dealing with the pain for a year, he decided to contact Got Your Back’s Minneapolis mobile chiropractor hoping Dr. Noel Barrick could help with his nagging, constant pain.

Starting a walking route may have initiated this man’s low back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain, but this was not the cause of the pain. The cause of the pain was the 13 years of his driving route. Despite his efforts to remain in good shape with regular exercise while driving for a living, the years of sitting for a living caused stress and immobilization of the spine. Once he started walking a mail route, the long-standing stress and immobilization started to produce symptoms.

Dr. Noel Barrick, Minneapolis Chiropractor, quickly eliminated this Richfield mail carriers pain using chiropractic adjustments to mobilize the joints and Therastim electric stim treatments to not only alleviate his pain, but also increase range of motion and flexibility, and decrease tension caused by stress.

Jobs and careers involving a lot of sitting, including working at a computer, answering phones, and driving, have an extremely detrimental effect on the spine. If your line of work involves a lot of sitting, it is very important to get your spine checked on a regular basis to avoid future neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. Call and schedule your check-up with chiropractor, Dr. Noel Barrick, today.