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What to Expect During Your Visit to
Got Your Back Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic

Chiropractor in St. Paul, Minnesota – Focused on Wellness

Our mission is to locate the root of the issue that’s causing you back or neck pain or stiffness, while educating you about how to alleviate the discomfort at its source and thereby eliminate your symptoms. We conduct a thorough examination by a chiropractor to ensure we employ the proper techniques and therapies to bring you back to vigorous health and well being.

First: A Consultation Visit For Your Back Pain, Neck Pain & Whiplash

Your first visit will be a consultation with a chiropractor, discuss how long the neck or back pain has been present, and talk about what caused the issue. A pre-screening of the back pain and neck pain will be done so that the doctor can determine where the problem truly lies. Only by isolating the problem and its cause can the proper neck and back pain or whiplash therapies and techniques be determined to restore you to pain-free health.

Next: Pre-Screening Results with a Chiropractor

Your next appointment in St. Paul will be scheduled to review what the doctor has found during the pre-screening and diagnostic process. From here, we will suggest treatment options and determine whether or not routine visits are the best means of addressing your back pain or neck pain problems.

A Solution: Regular Wellness Visits with Your Chiropractor

Chiropractic Wellness in St. Paul, MN, is an alternative medical resource whose goal is to heal you naturally. If the doctor finds they are indicated, we will schedule routine visits in order to get your back pain and/or neck pain feeling better through the use of massage therapy and other indicated techniques. Our goal is to see you pain-free.

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