Minneapolis Hotel Guest with Low Back Pain and Hip Pain Calls Got Your Back’s Minneapolis Mobile Chiropractor

Due to a long flight and hours on his feet, a guest at the Marriot City Center Hotel in downtown Minneapolis was experiencing low back pain and hip pain. This man understood the importance of regular chiropractic care, and regularly received chiropractic adjustments for his low back pain and hip pain. He was looking for a chiropractor who could travel to his hotel room, so he decided to contact Got Your Back’s Minneapolis mobile chiropractor hoping Dr. Noel Barrick could help with his low back and hip pain.

The hotel guest found the chiropractic adjustments to be very effective, and appreciated the convenience of a mobile chiropractor who could treat him in his hotel room.

Dr. Noel Barrick used chiropractic adjustments to mobilize the joints and Therastim electric stim treatments to not only alleviate his pain, but also increase range of motion and flexibility, and decrease tension caused by stress.

If you are in the Minneapolis area on a business trip and are in need of a mobile chiropractor, call and schedule your check-up with Got Your Back Chiropractic’s mobile chiropractor, Dr. Noel Barrick, today.