• "I was in a car accident six months before seeing Dr. Barrick. In that accident, I severely injured my mid-back and suffered from neck pain and headaches. Dr. Barrick relieved my neck and back pain, and since my course of treatment, I haven't had another headache! I remember telling my wife midway through treatment, 'This is the first time since the accident that I didn't wish that my neck didn't exist.'"Thank you Dr. Barrick!"
    "I saw Dr. Barrick after being referred to him by my wife. My low back was in extreme pain, and I had extreme pain running down my leg. Dr. Barrick told me this pain was also known as sciatica, and it originated from my low back and hips. He took care of my back pain and sciatica, and it hasn't returned since."
    "Dr. Barrick was the only chiropractor that could completely eliminate my headaches. I wouldn't recommend anyone else."
    "I have been seen by several different chirpractors over the past several years. I truly believe that Dr. Noel is the best I have ever been treated by. He is very thorough. I was seen by him just recently. Before he treated me, I had extreme pain in my lower back and down my left leg. After the treatment, the pain subsided and I could walk again! I would recommend him to anyone!! Thanks!!!!"
    "I had quite a pleasant experience being a patient of Dr. Noel. He is a great clinician and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way. Thanks"
    "Dr. Noel Barrick is AWESOME! Very personable, caring, and knowledgeable. It's clear that he genuinely wants to make his patients feel better. I would highly recommend him to anyone."
    "I liked Dr. Noel Barrick, he is real and passonate about his work. I would recommend him and have."
    "Dr. Noel was able to fix my issues with my back in seconds. He made great recommendations about ways to keep up good health and has increased my ability to exercise and stay active."
    "Dr. Barrick knows exactly where to adjust my back. He's friendly, fast and talented. He has great recommendations on ergonomics as well."