Edina Landscaper Suffering from Shin Splints Finds Immediate Relief from Chiropractic and Therastim Treatments

Landscaping is an extremely labor-intensive skill. Walking is crucial in the ability to effectively work as a landscaper. In fact, many landscapers walk up to 15 miles per day. One Edina Landscaper was unable to walk due to severe shin splint pain. He contacted Got Your Back’s Minneapolis mobile chiropractor hoping Dr. Noel Barrick could help with his intense pain.

Shin splints cause dull, aching, throbbing pain in the front of the lower leg which gets worse when starting to exercise or when exercise has stopped. Shin Splints are a form of repetitive stress injury. Shin splints aren’t a single condition, but rather a symptom of the underlying problem, which could be caused by overused muscles, stress fractures, overpronated or “flat” feet and/or restrictions in ankle, knee, or even hip joints.

Dr. Noel Barrick, Minneapolis Chiropractor, quickly eliminated this Edina landscapers shin splints using chiropractic adjustments to realign the joints and Therastim electric stim treatments to not only alleviate his shin splints, but also increase range of motion and flexibility, and decrease inflammation and swelling.

If you suffer from shin splints, contact us today for an appointment with our chiropractor, Dr. Noel Barrick, and take the first step towards eliminating your pain.